About Us

700years.sg is an interactive website that brings seven centuries of Singapore history to life through the imagined social feeds of 25 historical characters across different time periods.

For general readers, this website serves as an accessible portal to Singapore’s history. Teachers and students can use 700years.sg as an independent educational resource, or a learning companion to the book Seven Hundred Years: A History of Singapore.

Website Features

  • The social feeds of the historical figures closely follow the stories of their lives, detailing personal milestones, important historical events, and their thoughts and beliefs from an in-depth, first-person perspective.
  • Comments from other characters map interweaving relationships between historical figures, and offer multiple perspectives to help you develop your own interpretation of history.
  • Interested to know more about a historical figure who authored a post or comment in the feed? Hover over the character name gives you a short description of the character.
  • Terms in blue text within a post or comment lead to tooltips, which offer further explanation on the terms.
  • A brief list of research references can be found in the ‘Reference’ section.
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